What is part of an authentic winter experience in Sweden?

Temperatures well below zero are a given; frozen lakes and endless forests covered by a thick blanket of snow complete our winter wonderland.

Why not join us on one of our tours?


cOmbined Tour: Dog sledding and Snowmobiling

Experience the power and grace of purebred Siberian Huskies during a dogsled trip and compare the almost silent movement of the sled with the powerful roaring of a snowmobile.

Combined Tour: Dog Sledding and Snowshoeing

Lapland’s forests are as quiet as they are beautiful in winter and exploring them by dog sled and on snowshoes will give you the full experience.

Musher’s weekend

Live like a musher for a weekend and learn how to drive your own sled in a scenic winter wonderland.


Dog Sled Adventure

Experience the quiet beauty of Lapland’s winter forests first hand from the passenger seat of a dog sled.

A taste of dog sledding

Are you new to dog sledding? Do you want to try it out? If so, this is the tour for you!

Are you looking for something else?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised offer. We do, for example, birthday tours, campfire lunches or dinners.