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Who are we?

We are a couple from Switzerland who moved to Sweden in 2013 because of our Siberian huskies. We are fascinated by nature, are sporty people who love to share our passion for dog sledding and husky way of life to other people who are open minded for it. We want to give people a true and honest experience while avoiding mass tourism.


What makes us so unique ?

We live together with our beloved Siberian huskies in a big pack, we consider them as a part of the family, not solely as working dogs to make a living. They are allowed in the house and sleep with us. We keep our kennel rather small on purpose so we can give all of our dogs the necessary personalised attention.

Our approach ?

We only accept small groups at our kennel, preferably one group per day. We do this so we can give a full and honest husky experience to our guests. This way we can stay flexible and are not bound by restrictive time schedules. As our dogs are part of the family we always act is their best interest.


How many huskies do you have And what do you do with them?

We got out first Husky, Shakira, in 2003 and our Second, Zafira, joined our family in 2005. Right now we live together with 31 lovely purebred Siberian huskies with whom we go dogsledding, skijoring, walking, snowshoeing, running, cycling,... We have also participated in several short and middle-distance dog sled races.

What dog sled races did you participate in?

We have done a variety of races in the past and will continue to do so because it’s a lot of fun !

We have participated in and finished successfully the Femundlopet (Norway), the Sedivackuv long (Czech Republic), the Nockbergelongtrail (Austria), Vildmarksracet (Sweden) and the Tankavaara Goldrush (Finland).

In the 2019 Tankavaara Goldrush race (Open class, 300+ km) we were the only participants that finished the race with an exclusively Siberian husky team.

How do you keep your huskies?

As stated above we live together with our huskies in a big pack as they are part of the family. Our kennel is adjacent to our house, they are free to get in and outside the house.

We also have a smaller kennel where we keep the girls when they are on heat, we do not breed huskies (unless it’s an accident) .